Electric Scooter Releases New Regulations

Julius Ijidola - May 14, 2020

Everyone seems excited about the introduction of electric scooter, except that the latest means of transportation comes with a few burdens – especially the regulations. As people become more receptive towards technological advancement, the wherewithal to abide by the rules thereof must be available.

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Where Can I Find An Electric Scooter Rental Near Me?

Julius Ijidola - May 15, 2020

From San Francisco to Singapore, electric scooter rental is becoming an increasingly popular way to navigate major cities of the world. Electric scooters are fun, easy to operate, and, most importantly, help reduce traffic congestions and CO2 emissions.  Where Can I Find An Electric Scooter

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What is the Average Cost of Transportation in Singapore?

Jeff Beale - May 16, 2020

When it comes to traveling in Singapore, budgeting on transportation can make up a substantial part of anyone's budget. Whether you are local commuting to University or someone who is visiting, it's helpful to have at least a rough idea of what it might cost you to take public or private options.s e

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What are the options for bicycle rental in Singapore?

Vinayak Gunjal - May 17, 2020

In Singapore, where far fewer cars are on the streets than in other major metros and those that are are locked in gridlock, bicycle rental has really taken off. While all of the options share the general benefits of bicycle rental (ie: they are healthier, affordable, and a great way to beat traffic)

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How Do Electric Scooters Compare?

Julius Ijidola - May 18, 2020

Electric scooters are two or three-wheeled battery-powered vehicles propelled by an electric motor. The battery on an electric scooter is powered by plugging in a regular wall socket at home or work and these batteries power scooters to speeds ranging from 8kmph to >25kmph. Electric scooters can

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How Does Lyft Rate Compare With Uber’s Rate

Julius Ijidola - May 19, 2020 1

Getting around has become one of the most natural things to do, all thanks to the revolution in ride-sharing. Whether you own a personal car or not, with apps like Lyft and Uber, you can move from one location to another whenever and however you want.  Lyft Rate Compare With Uber’s Rate I

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