How Do Electric Scooters Compare?

How Do Electric Scooters Compare?


Electric scooters are two or three-wheeled battery-powered vehicles propelled by an electric motor. The battery on an electric scooter is powered by plugging in a regular wall socket at home or work and these batteries power scooters to speeds ranging from 8kmph to >25kmph. Electric scooters can go up to 20km on a single charge although this would depend on factors like the weight of the driver, incline, tire pressure, terrain, etc. The design of e-scooters is simple with breaks on the handlebars and weights, which makes riding on them easy. 

Electric Scooters Compare?

In recent times, electric scooters have grown from being just children plaything to a near-conventional means of transportation among adults. Consequently, makers of these e-scooters have intensified efforts in the design and power of these scooters. Generally, there are four kinds of electric scooters, and these are: 

  • The three-wheeled electric scooter for kids 

These scooters come in an enormous range of designs. They are selected based on speed and run times which can provide as much as 80 minutes of riding. 

The three-wheeled design on these scooters provides excellent support for kids and protects them in situations that they can’t predict yet. Also, it provides extra stability in corners and when trying to change direction, provides balance. The three-wheeled electric scooter either has two wheels at the back or two at the front depending on preference. 

Razor is an excellent kid scooter brand, and some models like the Razor E300 are strong enough for adults as well. 

  • Foldable electric kick scooters

Foldable e-scooters are ideal for business people who commute daily to the office. Foldable electric scooters are popular for the practicality of their design – open-use-fold. Also, they are easy to ride and maintain, although their speeds are not exactly crazy. 

The Glion Dolly Foldable is one of the most practical e-scooters in the market today, and its design is excellent as well. 

  • Off-road electric scooters

Off-road electric scooters are a little pricier than most as they’re designed for users who want some fun on more extreme trails like in the woods. They come with bigger tires, a more durable battery, a robust suspension, powerful motor, protective cage construction for batteries and a more durable battery. 

Qieqa QPower has a stronger version of their regular electric scooter designed for those in need of off-road experience on their scooter. 

  • Fat tire electric kick scooters

These are basically scooters with much wider tires and seats designed primarily for comfort. The tires on this scooter are as wide as those on some cars. Also, the suspensions they come with allows for smoother rides which make for an overall excellent buy. 

Regardless of the electric scooter, you choose to go for, and you should ensure you’re getting the best in terms of price and flexibility. Electric scooters are here to stay as they’re fun, eco-friendly, easy to ride and an alternative means of transportation. Most persons incorporate e-scooters into their overall transportation plan, not necessarily as a primary means of transportation. 

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