Top Travel Apps For Travelers To Use To Plan Local Trips

Top Travel Apps For Travelers To Use To Plan Local Trips


Top Travel Apps For Travelers To Use To Plan Local Trips – Are you planning a vacation? Are you constantly hunched in front of your laptop screen trying to find the best deals and prices? Well, it’s time you become a smart traveler! Technology has made it really easy to plan trips, purchase tickets and even plan your trip itinerary. There are a plethora of mobile apps designed keeping regular travelers in mind. The best part of mobile apps is that it brings information and utilities right at your fingertips. 

Top Travel Apps For Travelers

Don’t stay under the impression that mobile apps are simply useful for long or overseas trips. If you are a smart traveler, you should use mobile apps for planning local trips too. The challenge is choosing the right mobile app that will suit your travel needs. Don’t worry! Here are the top travel apps that travelers can use to plan their local trips –

Hotel Tonight 

Mostly local travel plans are impromptu or created at the end moment. Finding accommodation at such short notice can be really challenging. This is where the Hotel Tonight app comes to your rescue. It allows travelers to book rooms for the same evening or up to 7 days ahead of travel dates. Booking accommodation is hardly a matter of minutes with this mobile app. They also offer a daily drop feature where users can find a personalized deal with a special price. This deal is only valid for 15 minutes. The app is available for free on both iTunes and Google Play store.


Float is a comprehensive and extraordinary app that provides travelers with much-needed insights. The app gives insights into where the user is going, how they can get there and how much are they spending. The app runs on a powerful search engine that provides recommendations based on user preferences and the way they like to travel. The better this app learns about a user via data collected, the better-personalized recommendations it gives. The float can be truly called a smart app that gives travel recommendations based on personal travel style. The app also helps you earn points, discover new offers and adventures. There are several reasons that allow this app to stand out amongst different tools and applications available in the travel niche. This app is also available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. 


TripIt is one of the best itinerary organization apps available in the market. To use the app, simply forward all your reservations, hotel bookings, restaurant information, car rental information and more to TripIt on email. They will automatically create a master itinerary out of the information provided. This makes it really easy to view the entire trip plan in a single glance. The pro version of the app is further loaded with features to help make your trip better. The TripIt app is available on Android and iOS.


Keeping track of expenses while you are on the go or traveling can be difficult. But, at the end of the day, you surely do not want to face the questions related to expenses done across the day.  The TrailWallet app makes it easy to note expenses, set a daily budget and also organize the expenses weekly or monthly. However, the limitation of this app is that it is available only for iOS devices.

Explore the world and make the most of your travel plans with smart travel apps! They also make the experience more memorable and less stressful. Before choosing any of the apps mentioned in the above list, make sure you select one that suits your requirements. If you have the right travel application on your mobile then you won’t need to search for any other tools to get correct travel advice.

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