Electric Scooter Releases New Regulations

Julius Ijidola - May 14, 2020

Everyone seems excited about the introduction of electric scooter, except that the latest means of transportation comes with a few burdens – especially the regulations. As people become more receptive towards technological advancement, the wherewithal to abide by the rules thereof must be available.

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What is the Average Cost of Transportation in Singapore?

Ankit Sharma - May 13, 2020

When it comes to traveling abroad, budgeting on transportation is everything. Transportation cost takes up a big part of anyone’s budget and getting a rough if the not exact idea is incredibly helpful. This is especially true when it comes to costlier places like Singapore to visit and travel around

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4 Best Budgeting Tools For Local Commuter

Donna Mumbua - May 12, 2020

Does it seem like transport costs are busting your budget? You are not alone. The average American household spends about $750 a month on transport only. Driving your own car seems like a no-brainer. But, even with the best commuter cars, the costs can easily add up especially for longer commutes in

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What is Multimodal Transportation?

Vinayak Gunjal - May 11, 2020 1

What is Multimodal Transportation? - Does your business involve moving of shipments from place to place? There are situations where a single mode of transportation may not be enough. You may need to plan and sync between different modes of transportation on certain occasions. The mode of movement wi

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Top Travel Apps For Travelers To Use To Plan Local Trips

Vinayak Gunjal - May 10, 2020

Top Travel Apps For Travelers To Use To Plan Local Trips - Are you planning a vacation? Are you constantly hunched in front of your laptop screen trying to find the best deals and prices? Well, it’s time you become a smart traveler! Technology has made it really easy to plan trips, purchase tickets

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How to Book an Electronic Bike

Ankit Sharma - May 9, 2020

How to Book an Electronic Bike - There is a lot to discover and see when roaming outside of your city or even country. Whether on a back a packing budget or traveling in a close city where you need to travel daily, you definitely need a bike. But, you need an electric bike, as keeping a traditional

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