City Riders Experience Safety Concerns On E-Scooters

City Riders Experience Safety Concerns On E-Scooters


Just walk down any city street and you’ll see how electric scooters have transformed the urban landscape. It wasn’t that long ago that most city dwellers had never seen an electric scooter let alone ridden one. Now they are everywhere. But, while they seem like a good way to get around the city, there have definitely been some bumps in the road.

A considerable number of accidents, like head and facial injuries experienced by riders, have led to outright bans by many municipalities In others, like Singapore, the city-state has imposed a number of restrictions intended to protect pedestrians as well as electric scooter riders. Unfortunately, the sudden popularity of electric scooters is, in itself, what has led to a backlash that is likely to slow adoption. It’s been said that early adopters are the ones with the arrows in their backs. But with a basic understanding of how electric scooter work and the risks involved, you can ride safely,

Safety first

Before jumping on a scooter, you should understand the rules of the road Electric scooters can be thought of as a means of transportation that is somewhere between a motorcycle and a bicycle. Right up front, our first recommendation is to make sure you wear a helmet as the vast majority of injuries are head injuries that could’ve been avoided if the rider wore a helmet. Wear reflective clothing designed for riding, especially at night.

Another smart recommendation is to make sure you pay attention at all times to your surroundings. It’s probably a good idea to leave the noise-canceling headphones or earbuds at home because you might not hear the car about to hit you.

Getting started with electric scooters

Most electric scooters regardless of manufacturer or brand work the same way. When you first hope on, you’ll see a latch situated at the base of the steering column. Flip the latch to unlock the scooter and keep it in an upright position.

Try powering your electric scooter after you have pressed the ‘on’ switch. If the scooter is equipped with an LED display, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the information provided. This also applies to the battery life indicator. If the readout doesn’t make sense to you, you’ll probably want to consult a manual or the mobile provider’s website.

The handbrake is located on the handlebars. Since the brakes of electric scooters are sensitive, it is usually recommended to use a light touch while handling the brakes till the point you become acquainted with the new scooter.

In regards to power, the throttle is used to either increase or decrease it. If you wish to start, simply hit the throttle and then you’re off.

Now if you wish to stop, try using the hand or foot brake. Don’t forget to turn off the power of the electric scooter once you have reached your destination. When you’re done, just lock the scooter by engaging the latch.

Other safety measures

As was said at the beginning, do not forget to slip on that helmet, even if you think you look silly. Protecting your head in every circumstance is of foremost concern. There are branded and full coverage helmets that are not only built quite tough enough to withstand impact but that also looks cool.

These helmets are replete with an extensive vent system and a liner capable of wicking moisture. So your ride is not only comfortable but you stay secure and protected every time you ride your electric scooter. In a humid climate like Singapore, it might seem but unwise but make sure your clothing covers your legs and arms while you are riding. Also for beginners and kids, wearing knee and elbow pads is an even better idea that will protect you from potential falls.

Get chargedd

Read the user manual carefully to learn how you must charge the particular electric scooter you are renting The time usually varies, depending on the model and pricing. While some might require a couple of hours, there are a few that must be charged overnight.

Following all the above-mentioned tricks will definitely help you to get a safe riding experience and get you your destination without any problems. Now, just sit back and enjoy the ride safely.

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