Understanding Electric Scooters

Understanding Electric Scooters


Electric scooters are quite the rage these days and much of that has to do with their usability and low cost. Electric scooters make particular sense in dense urban environments like many Asian cities. And they are as easy on the environment as they are on your pocketbook.

So using them is kind of a no-brainer. But not all electric scooters are created alike so we’ve done the research to provide you with a quick primer on the different kinds of electric scooters you are likely to encounter.

Single Battery Rental

Electric scooters across the world have one thing in common- a battery unit placed inside the vehicle. They are plug and charge type vehicles that charge the battery inside. Some may even have multiple batteries including a spare to keep in case there are no charging stations nearby. More batteries don’t affect its power but act as a backup failsafe in case your battery dies and you’re stuck by the side of the road. 

Electric Moped (e-moped)

Equipped with a low wattage battery, an e-moped has a motor-based engine that is powered by a battery lower than 250W which skirts the e-moped’s classification as a motorcycle. You need a license to drive a motorcycle. Not so with an e-moped, making it much more accessible. In addition, it doesn’t even require any registration or insurance or any documents at all. This is the perfect electric scooter to book if you’re not able to register with the local government or get the documents you need to ride an e-bike in general. Moreover,  because of its low battery and motor-based engine, the e-moped cannot exceed 25 KMPH. 

E-scooter with restricted speed

Like the e-moped oftentimes, e-scooters may also have restricted speeds up to 25 KMPH. This is an actual e-scooter with all of the looks and power you’d expect, only with the speed restriction. That is why it is possible for two riders to sit on this. The speed restriction is determined by the local municipality for safety reasons and it also makes it more energy-efficient. Much like the e-moped, you can use it without any documents or registration in general. This is a great way for young people to commute and you’ll also find it used by small businesses or delivery personnel.

Unrestricted Speed electric scooter

This is the scooter that comes to mind for most people. Without any restrictions on speed, its battery is large enough to drive it above 25kmph and it can easily reach up to 50 KMPH depending on the model and make. Usually, a battery with up to 750W battery is installed. These scooters are different in appearance and build from an ordinary petrol scooter as well. You can find them in most cities across the world and like the single battery scooter type, some may have a single or double unit battery. 

Consider this a guide to the basic types of electric scooters available. While different manufacturers have their own mechanisms and body types, and you’ll find a wide variety of battery types and capacities, as well as limitations on speed (which often varies by country), all electric scooters fall into one of the above-mentioned categories. When renting an electric scooter, be aware that the different providers all have chosen different types. Make sure you know what you’re renting and what its limitations are before you rent.

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