What are the options for electric scooter rental in Singapore?

What are the options for electric scooter rental in Singapore?


What are the options for electric scooter rental in Singapore? – Singapore is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world; it’s also one of the most densely populated. Transportation in Singapore, although pretty advanced, doesn’t quite meet the needs of its fast-growing population. This challenge has led to the adoption of personal mobility devices (PMDs) like unicycles, hoverboards, and electronic scooters. 

Options for electric scooter rental in Singapore?

Electronic scooters are the more popular option among PMDs owing to their ease of use, design flexibility, and general appeal, regardless of age or profession. Scooters find use in many areas of urban Singaporean life, from being the vehicle of delivery services to finding use in tours of the city. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that several companies have jumped on this mass adoption offering scooter sale and rental services. 

Some of the options that electric scooters provide residents of Singapore include: 


The first/last mile problem has existed for decades. What is the best way to connect people who are a little too far to walk to the bus stop or from a bus stop to their destination? For years, bicycles have filled this role, but the challenge with bicycles is they’re extremely bulky and require a level of skill to operate. 

On the other hand, electronic scooters offer an option that anyone, regardless of their skill or fitness level, can take for short trips. Bikes have filled this role for as long as can be remembered, but scooters are beginning to change this narrative with several visible in street corners, schools, and offices. 


With average temperatures of 27 degrees year-round, Singapore is a wonderful place to explore on a scooter, especially if you are the adventurous type. The Marina Bay area and the Singapore River has over 6 kilometers of shared paths, which can be explored with a scooter or some other personal mobility device. The sparkling boutiques on Orchard Road and the hotels, both new and historic compares with architecture in any other modern city. These combined with exotic elements like the shophouses of Chinatown or the temples of Little India make for excellent tour destinations that can be explored leisurely on a scooter. 


Last-mile delivery involves transporting goods from the source point to the final delivery destination. Often, this final delivery destination is one’s residence, with the general idea being the delivery of items to the end-user as fast as possible. Scooters present a quick and affordable last-mile delivery option, although the concept is still in its infancy stage. City Scoot, Joyscoot, Walking Singapore, and WSS Bicycle Rental Service are some companies working to facilitate deliveries via scooters. 

Today, several companies have jumped on the flexibility that electric scooters bring with some even creating entire businesses that run on electric scooters. Electronic scooters are as popular as they are because they can be used by persons of any age with minimal risk. These advantages combined with their simple design and the fact they can reach speeds of over 25kph, have made them a means of transportation in Singapore. 

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