What are the options for bicycle rental in Singapore?

What are the options for bicycle rental in Singapore?


In Singapore, where far fewer cars are on the streets than in other major metros and those that are are locked in gridlock, bicycle rental has really taken off. While all of the options share the general benefits of bicycle rental (ie: they are healthier, affordable, and a great way to beat traffic), there are many differences when it comes to what type of bikes are on offer, what they cost to rent, and how you rent them. Our guide to bicycle rental in Singapore should help you sort things out.

What’re the available options for bicycle rental?

We’re not sure exactly why but despite the hunger amongst both locals and expats for bike-sharing, several companies have already tried and exited the market. Things are still shaking out and there’s no clear market leader at this stage of the game. Ofo bikes, the yellow bikes that were a fixture around town and one of the most popular bike rental companies in Singapore lost their operating license on April 22, 2019. Obike, another popular bike-sharing app, is also no longer operating in the market. The third biggest, Mobike, is also exiting from the Singapore market. With the top names gone, it has become difficult to decide on who to rent your next bike from. Here’s our list of bicycle rental companies in Singapore that you should consider.

  • Valley Bikes – With a broad selection of Full Carbon 11-speed bicycle to choose from, the Valley Bikes has one of the best collections of bikes. Renting a bike from them is really easy and the rental starts at SGD 150 per day for a 4-hour ride. They also offer an option to rent a bike for multiple days. The bike is delivered a day before the date and comes with a mini tool kit, lights, Garmin mount, and a spare tube. When compared with other bike alternatives, their rates are on the higher side.
  • Hello, Bicycle – A company that specializes in city bikes, Hello, Bicycle offers top quality and good looking bikes from Asian and European brands. Their pricing includes lights, helmet, and lock. Their rental starts at SGD 30 for 6 hours or SGD 40 for the entire day. One of the problems with this provider is that you need to pick your bike up yourself; there are extra charges for bike delivery. The bikes can be rented from Park Regis Hotel and One 15 Marina Club at Sentosa.
  • Bicycle – The common white bikes you find docked across Singapore, Bicycle was the sixth company to offer bicycle rentals in Singapore. These bikes can be rented using their mobile application and they are easy to manage. The bikes can be rented from any parking spot and also returned to any parking spot. However, like the others that were once so prominent in town, there are talks that this company will also cease operations soon.
  • SG Bike – Offering power options across Singapore, SG Bike has the biggest network for bike rental. The best part is that there is no deposit required to rent a bike. They also allow users to unlock 3 bikes using a single account, under the Family Plan. You can book the bike using the mobile app or link a contactless card. They offer one of the most affordable rental packages, with charge of $0.03 per minute after 30 minutes.

Consider this article to be a start toward understanding your options for bike rental in Singapore. The market is in flux due to several operational and financial challenges. Only time will tell which company (or companies) will survive. You’ll want to choose a bike rental provider that meets your requirements for cost, availability, and ease-of-use.

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