What is the Average Cost of Transportation in Singapore?

What is the Average Cost of Transportation in Singapore?


When it comes to traveling in Singapore, budgeting on transportation can make up a substantial part of anyone’s budget. Whether you are local commuting to University or someone who is visiting, it’s helpful to have at least a rough idea of what it might cost you to take public or private options.s everything. Transportation cost takes up a big part of anyone’s budget and getting a rough if the not exact idea is incredibly helpful. This is especially true when it comes to costlier places like Singapore to visit and travel around. A transportation estimate average can help you in figuring out which places you can explore and how many days you can travel. 

Average Cost of Transportation in Singapore?

The best thing about visiting Singapore is the low or average cost of transportation in general. The transportation system consists of both public and private industry. Whether you are on a backpacker’s budget or the higher budget of a tourist, this guide can help you realize what you can expect in terms of traveling. 

Check out the following cost of transportation estimates to get a good grip on what to expect in Singapore:

  1. Public Transport: 
    1. Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT): The Mass Rapid Transit is a well-established public transportation system in Singapore. The costs of the Mass Rapid Transit are average even for the backpacking budget and getting around is easy and fast. Expect an average cost of a one-way ride to be as low as $1.6. The MRT scales a pretty big part of Singapore, but you would still need to get around in public buses/taxis or Uber to get around to tourist attractions. 

Moreover, traveling around on Weekends can sometimes lead to price inflations in public and private transportation mediums, the average cost you can expect is S$ 10(USD 7). Talking about day to day regular to and fro travel, you should expect to spend an amount approx. S$ 300 (USD 220$). 

  1. Public Taxis: The public taxi system is also a good way to travel to keep costs as low as possible, but knowing the numbers is great to plan your excursions. The basic fare of these cabs starts at easily S$ 3-5 (USD 2-3) depending on availability. Add to this cost, the per-mile average is easily S$ 0.22 (USD 0.15) to be average. So, if you have to travel to and fro say, an average distance of 5-10 miles per day, it rounds off to a meager S$ 1-3(USD 1-2). The ride-sharing estimate can be even lower if you are not in a rush to reach your destination. Rideshare cost can be as low as 60-70% of the regular price. The average public taxi or ridesharing estimate can be around USD 60-80 per month (even lower in case of ride-sharing), considering you are using the cabs every day. This is quite affordable and possibly one of the best ways to travel around in non-rush hours. 
  2. Private Travel: For people with a higher budget than the average backpacker, you can look into higher-end private cabs such as Uber or even luxury cars. Owning a car here can be quite a downer when it comes to government taxes, monthly liabilities as well as licensing costs among other factors. So, if you are looking to stay in Singapore over several months or even years, owning a car would be something you should not look into. 

Despite all the negative factors that come to mind about owning a car in Singapore, you can still rent cars at an affordable price. This will cost you more than public transportation of course. You can easily expect to spend between S$ 1000-1800 (US 720-1300). Owning a car can easily take up prices at least thrice or five times. 

Singapore is an affordable city to travel in public means of transportation, and getting around is not much of a hassle since it is not densely populated. There are lots of international tourists as well as citizens using public transportation at all times, so it might get jam-packed in peak and office hours. Other times, you can easily use their public taxi system, rent cars if required and set aside a monthly budget of USD 300-350 for the MRT and Taxis both are recommended. 

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