Here’s why to use bike-sharing in 2020

Alexandra Pacurar - May 22, 2020

There are actually so many reasons that we are not even sure where to start. If you are a Millennial or Gen Zer living in the (big) city, you are surely familiar with bike-sharing systems. If not, we’ll help out in the rows below. Biking is an affordable, convenient, healthier alternative to other f

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The Rise Of Electric Scooters

Julius Ijidola - November 9, 2019

If you live in any of the major cities of the world, you can't escape the increased presence of electric scooters. Whether cruising down sidewalks or parked near local restaurants, you are sure to see even more of them as electric scooter companies look to get a slice of the rideshare economy. 

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4 Best Budgeting Tools For Local Commuter

Donna Mumbua - May 12, 2020

Does it seem like transport costs are busting your budget? You are not alone. The average American household spends about $750 a month on transport only. Driving your own car seems like a no-brainer. But, even with the best commuter cars, the costs can easily add up especially for longer commutes in

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Uber, Lyft vs. Climate Change

Alexandra Pacurar - May 21, 2020

The two ride-hailing giants have recently restated their commitment to sustainability, after the Union of Concerned Scientists published a report on how ride-sharing services are increasing overall carbon emissions. So, what are Uber and Lyft doing to reduce the effects of climate change? The USC

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Electric Scooter Releases New Regulations

Julius Ijidola - May 14, 2020

Everyone seems excited about the introduction of electric scooter, except that the latest means of transportation comes with a few burdens – especially the regulations. As people become more receptive towards technological advancement, the wherewithal to abide by the rules thereof must be available.

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How Do Electric Scooters Compare?

Julius Ijidola - May 18, 2020

Electric scooters are two or three-wheeled battery-powered vehicles propelled by an electric motor. The battery on an electric scooter is powered by plugging in a regular wall socket at home or work and these batteries power scooters to speeds ranging from 8kmph to >25kmph. Electric scooters can

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